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Actually Advanced Cert in Social Services offered by Social Services Institute and N Level is kind of useless. PCP mostly is for Polytechnic Diploma & Degree holders.

What is your level for WDA Cert In WPLNWDA Cert In WPLN? Eg: WPLN (Level >= 6). If you have this, at least still can apply for part time Polytechnic Diploma.

What is your objective in getting a RP Sports In Coaching? Become a Coach in which field? Private sector do not have this demand & only by becoming a registered MOE Coach/Instructor where you may find a job as freelancer. However without achievement like awards, who want to offer you a contract as Coach?

That why I will advice you in focusing on Digital Marketing and Communications by getting a relevant part time Polytechnic Diploma & work in this industry since this is your interest.


Diploma (Conversion) used to known as Specialist Diploma. Both Diploma (Conversion) & Specialist Diploma are not consider as a format qualification like Polytechnic Diploma to enter University.

So how does a Specialist Diploma work? Electronics Engineering have a lot of specialization such as Computing, Wafer & etc. So if you have a Diploma in Electronics & Computing but your workplace require you to have Wafer qualification or knowledge, instead of going for the whole 3 years Diploma in Electronics and Wafer course, you only needs to top up 1 year Specialist Diploma in Wafer to be recognized by employer.

So why did Specialist Diploma change the name to Diploma (Conversion)? A lot of people who are not from the trade (Eg: Electronics) have the wrong impression that by getting a short 1 year Specialist Diploma in Wafer, it will be recognized by employer. However they do not have the foundation from polytechnic Diploma in Electronics which is the reason why it is not recognized by employer. Even if they manage to get the job, they also cannot perform on the job due to lack of foundation knowledge like Electronics. So by changing it to Diploma (Conversion) in Wafer, it is telling the employer that graduate are actually mid-career switcher. So if employer going to employed them, employer needs to think of training and development to build up their weakness on foundation knowledge like Electronics.

Hi people,

I am in my late 20s this year and currently working in a social services sector. I have messed up my life previously and have no sense of urgency for me to get a degree which will definitely helps me towards a better career advancement and higher salary.

However, I am looking to pull myself away from my current sector for a period of time as I would choose a career with greater exposure in the marketplace locally and globally coupled with higher salary.

Unfortunately, I am a 'Late Bloomer' and currently only holds a WDA Cert In WPLN , Advanced Cert in Social Services offered by Social Services Institute and N Level.

I am interested in Digital Marketing and Communications, or in Sports Related courses.

Any advice out there for me to get a diploma (part time) that will lead to a degree?

I have applied for RP Sports In Coaching (2.5 years part time course), they have yet to revert to me. I am not harboring much hope due to my entry requirements which I suspect may not meet their admission criteria.

Financially will be an issue for me hence private institute is not my consideration at this point of time and I wonder if anyone know whether Diploma (Conversion) is it also recognized as a formal diploma so I can apply for degree in the near future?

Thank you peeps!
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