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Accountancy don't pay well?
You sure accountancy don't pay well....
LOL. studying accountancy definitely pays well. don't just look at their starting pay
Accountancy not equal to auditor, although many of us do end up going big 4.

Those that go into banks / other MNCs earn much much more.

Even among those who went big 4, a good chunk go into deals, M&A, Corporate Finance.

Audit is really...
From what I see in GES

nus biz admin (acc) mean = 3020
ntu acc mean = 3063
smu acc mean = 3455

flat 3k pay is high? (except for SMU)

I am comparing to engineering and computing majors

So is it true that SUSS computing grads can earn more than acc, arts/humans grad from "big3"?

(btw I am not from SUSS, just curious)
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