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How the hell are you low on flags?? I have so much resources available that it's not funny... you play 24/7 ? Lol...
haha. I Farm 24/7 for the gold.

today i renewed my 28 days 250gold, with bonus 1000gold, now at 1900. Expect a 1000gold from reward.

I ran out of Guild Disc and the Arena Medal liao, no more flags for me.

I looping now to get both Arena Medal and Guild Disc.

I now left 1 5* Zhou Tai and 1 Diao Chan 5* costume to complete the quest. I have a 4* Zhoutai, but The Diao Chan is super tricky now. and Not Sure i can reach 5k Gold for a last draw before the event ends on 19th Sep.
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