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Experience on Saturday going in JB.
Just share yesterday’s experience.

11.30am: Woodlands interchange
11.45am: CIQ. Pretty fast response from thumbprint machine compared to previose experiences. Saw some vendors monitoring at the counter.
11.45am: Queue for bus. Plenty of CW buses and long queues.
12.30pm: Reach JB immigration. Hall was packed full until don’t know is the end of queues. 1 counter can have 2 to 3 queues merging into 1 counter.
2.00pm: Cleared immigration.

City square to Aeon Dato Onn
30-45 minutes by Uber. Yesterday seemed not much Grab car on the road. Plenty of metered Grab taxi. More Uber yesterday.
Level 3 of Aeon Daton Oon are restaurants. Level 1 had Aeon supermarket. Checkout counters not packed like Aeon Tebrau.
Not much available grab/uber at 6pm to go back from Dato Oon. Waited quite a while before got a uber.

Cleared JB customs in 15 minutes. Traffic jam on causeway. Cleared CIQ in 15 minutes. The thumbprint scanner is slower compared to exiting SG.

Hope this helps planning a trip on Saturday.
One off. You manage this kind of timing for consecutive Saturdays then come and advise again. I go JB on an almost weekly basis, trust me you got lucky.

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