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The free 30x pulls Moi see many like can get at least 4 or more but moi like very suay, seem to only got two.

One ish Rydia OSB and one ish Noctis SSB. Both unit never use before and don't have any other SB. Wonder ish worth to just level them up for these new SB especially neither char have BSB. (moi tend to only level and use those units with BSB)

The 30 anv banner all full-priced si pek sian. Does these banners also guarantee one 6*? Moi only left enough mythril for 3 pulls nia after tio baited by all the recent half-priced and also tio scam by one full-price pretend as half-price pull. Also wonder which of the 5 anv banner should moi invest in.

Maybe should throw all the 150 mythrils into the last banner that has FFXV? Cause tiagong FFXV the SB mostly not bad as ish one the most recent relics released in the game. The earlier series one read that most will be outdated faster by powercreep as they are released much earlier.

Just noticed that like no have FFT relics featured in any of the 5 anv banners. Really ish just FF core series anv celebration nia so FFT not counted.
2/30 a bit suay, sorry soulhacker-bro. Noctis SSB is one of the best SSB-tier relics for time challenges, if you enjoy that.

Full-price banners don't guarantee 6* unfortunately, but got 4 each banner so got better chance than usual. Hard to advise which banner, but banner 5 got Lightning .
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