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2/30 a bit suay, sorry soulhacker-bro. Noctis SSB is one of the best SSB-tier relics for time challenges, if you enjoy that.

Full-price banners don't guarantee 6* unfortunately, but got 4 each banner so got better chance than usual. Hard to advise which banner, but banner 5 got Lightning .
Yah, only 2/30. Can only console moi self at least not 1/30.

If the anv banners doesn't guarantee a 6* or at least a BSB then moi think might skip them to save the mythrils instead. Don't think moi will be lucky enough to hoot any good by doing just mere 1~3 pulls if it only work like a normal banner.

Edit : Just saw Leo post nia. So confirm will get at least a BSB? In this case might aim all the 150 mythrils on banner 5 liao. Cause moi don't have any FFXV BSB yet, and more FF13 BSB always welcome since it's moi strongest synergy atm beside FFT. Just hope won't tio troll and end up with all the FFXIV one.

Also felt very keen want to invest in banner two since moi most favorite FF series ish III, IV and V and this banner alone got IV and V.
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