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Er... Got free book? Like didn't notice.

Seems like I have better luck in JP - scored Lightning 闪技 and 奥义 relics, along with Kain LCSB Snow LCSB.

Contrast to banner 1 global, tio Maria BSB (dupe) and Ingus BSB - was trying out for Luneth USB, but oh well.

And JP has 3 banners where gems only but selection 1 OSB, 1 BSB and 1 LMR respectively - so far see everyone pull like G6 (but stated G5 only). Must.... control..... Global still need Force Stealer.....
Read many in reddit like getting super hyped by Cloud Force Stealer. Moi actually very noob with all these despise praying for very long as only praying FFRK like very casually. Cloud this USB really that good?
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