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Seems like I have better luck in JP - scored Lightning 闪技 and 奥义 relics, along with Kain LCSB Snow LCSB.

Contrast to banner 1 global, tio Maria BSB (dupe) and Ingus BSB - was trying out for Luneth USB, but oh well.

And JP has 3 banners where gems only but selection 1 OSB, 1 BSB and 1 LMR respectively - so far see everyone pull like G6 (but stated G5 only). Must.... control..... Global still need Force Stealer.....
Wah so heng bro Janon. I also pull get Squall's Flash Tech, Snow LCSB and Lightning .. USB (dupe). Like no additional mythril dungeons to farm also, need to do my story now .

Want Lightning Flash tech and Overflow Ougi (or whatever is it called) also, but Squall is okay cause he's in my main team haha.

Stop playing JP because it keep giving me 1/11
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