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Packed now as newly opened. I find prices at aeon malls most of the time higher especially supermarket. But their supermarket variety and quality of goods are similar to Cold Storage here. Tesco is more like Giant variety and quality. No need to get excited, these are my personal opinions...haha...
Yes and no. When I 1st started buying stuff from JB supermarket, I used to compare prices, check out online advertisement between Tesco, Jusco, Giant, The Store and UO Store.
Sometimes, within waling distance, I would visit these mart if possible.. e.g Tebrau Tesco and Jusco. Go The Store and then UO Store, check and buy similar items and record their prices.

Initially, it was Tesco (check Jusco price before buying - Tebrau branch) and UO store depending on where I go. most stuff from Tesco and sometime sales, cheaper at Jusco. After Tesco UK went into financial trouble.. prices started rocking. After awhile, I started to shop less at Tesco as prices seems to be higher, either mark up or Jusco having better sales items.
I tried several times at Giant, missed the promotion items, but other stuff, ended up hardly buy as they seem more costly. Sometimes even higher than what I can get in SG. Of course, there are stuff cheaper. I never assume things are always cheaper in MY. I hardly buy any toiletry stuff as my SG source is almost certain cheaper than JB. If you know where to get, you will understand what I mean.

If I am going for specific stuff, I would walk to UO Store at Denga City Mall.. most stuff such as snack items are much cheaper there including clothing. However, the place kind of run down type of store but goods are value for $$.

Of late, due to certain reason, shop mostly at The Store and then Aeon. On my own, I would do either Tesco or The Store (nothing really to buy) depending on my intended trip

Occasionally, Econ Save. Most stuff are cheaper... but wise, like our old Emporium holding type of traditional store, more like Prime supermarket. Even Prime has updated facility now. So some may not like the ambience.

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