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This year u can play fut!! Because also have offline content but of cux career mode more fun if u into managing a team. But i not so much into careers so i cnt give tips. But game play tips i can help.

I play ultimate difficulty for the past fifa but currently my team is not good enough for ultimate at 18 so i sticking at legendary and bang as much goals as possible for squad battle. Once i get better team i will give tips on how to beat ultimate.

Most ppl think beating ultimate or legendary need to do skills or dribble but actually against cpu u dont have to.

You mean FIFA 18 , the FUT got offline content?

lo now actually I spend more time playing FIFA 17 than bf4 ,GTA etc on PS4

yup yearly PSN member is 40+ in order to play online vs others also every month got free games but So far I does download the free games all don't last for me perhaps I just leisure play.

anyway I think you managed a top team like Chelsea , Man UTD etc play legendary mode in career?

that why u find it ok still managed to win?
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