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Bought PS4 for FIFA17, play the league mode/career mode and story mode. Donít like to play online, coz of lag and unfair hardcore players.

I will only play online if players can only choose original team. Else i rather play alone or invite friends to my hse and play tgt.

FIFA18.. dunno sld get now or wait for online download disc. lol

I got Fifa 17 is happen to see PSN offer at 20++ so buy give it a try.

I'm a soccer fan , last time like to play WC on Nintendo console , good old days

after soccer match , my cousin friends and neighbours will come to my house we challenge one another on console lol.

than slowly I don't follow much on soccer only once a while see but I like more is playing the match now a days, don't like those talks " transfer stuffs etc ironic lol

if you seriously want to play management style , PC version Champion manager is the best.

now call football manager? I don't know. When I first see the CM is from my neighbour house , he happen to buy a computer and play CM3 .

back to Fifa , I got try online vs mode lost a lot match only won like 5 matches.

standard one online mode lo , a lot surely choose Man UTD , Barsa , RM , etc top teams

for me is Chelsea. or once a while choose Inter Milan.

FUT mode I don't play much need a lot analysis like that flip flop the cards around to build a nice balance team....

than I more on career mode play for fun..presently using blackburn

after complete story mode of Alex hunter, I will continue no doubt for Fifa 18.
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