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Since link is gone, I just share what I can remember. Will add on along the way.


I was the 4th student to dropout from my PCP-RN cohort.

My senior fail his Pre-registration consolidation programme (PRCP) twice & now facing more problem then me.

There are a lot of PCP students/graduates regret signing up.


Addition Information to those who are interested about salary package & career advancement for PCP-RN

1) You will only know your basic salary when they offered an employment contract after you graduate from Diploma.

2) Sponsoring hospital claim that your non-relevant or relevant experience, Nursing School results & etc will be a factor to be consider into deciding your salary package.

3) Our sources from my seniors & their seniors is basic salary will be S$2,300 & those who serve NS will be S$2,500 regardless of what spell out in point 2. Same route of advancement as normal diploma holders but high expectation because we are mid-career switch. As mature 'Fresh RN' who have many years of non-relevant experience in workforce, we tend to be able to perform better compare to Fresh RN teenagers that make it look like we have 'fast tread career advancement' which is not true.
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