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All full time courses in public schools like ITE, Polytechnic & University have the same time for school holiday. That is the time where commander will consider to schedule ICT for NSmen reservist.

However for PCP student, we start 2 weeks earlier compare to Full time student. We only have 2 weeks school holiday after our Clinical Placement which is the end of semester. So NSmen will have problem for their ICT cause NYP only give you deferment letter but it is up to your NS unit to approve the deferment.

My classmates & my seniors were lucky to be SPF NSmen. They will received their estimated ICT schedule long before they received their NP76 for SPF NSmen (SAF100 for SAF & SCDF100 for SCDF NSmen). So they can make arrangement to reschedule their ICT during school holiday for PCP student.

So for those who want to sign up for PCP, better think twice because reservist is a liability for PCP student & you do not want this to be the cause of your liquidated damages.
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