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Due to limitation of PM word space, this is some of the clause that I am not comfortable with the contract.

1) For the avoidance of doubt, it is hereby agreed that any period of no-pay leave, study leave, training leave or National Service shall not be counted towards the discharge of Bonded Period and that without exceptional reason, the SPONSOR shall not grant any no-pay or study leave for the purposes of further studies or sponsor any such pursuit within the first 2 years of Boned Period.

2) wilfully and persistently disobeys or fails to conform with the lawful and reasonable orders or directions of the SPONSOR, the supervisors, tutors or instructors associated with the Course or the prescribed institutions; (Remark: I am not comfortable with this after withdraw from the course)

3) before the expiry of the Bonded Period, is dismissed from the service of the SPONSOR for misconduct, negligence, incompetence, poor work performance not meeting the SPONSOR's standard or breach of discipline or for any reason whatsoever, has his service terminated; (Remark: I am not comfortable with this after my senior feedback that when he started to work & have problem with "incompetence" & "poor work performance" in a community hospital where majorly of them are FT)

4) to absolve the SPONSOR, its servants and agents from all liability to the Trainee or his personal representatives for any loss, damage or injury howsoever occasioned (whether or not due to any act or omission or neglect of the Place of training werein the Trainee undertakes the Course, its servants and/or agents) which the Trainee may sustain by reason of or during the period of the Course; and

5) to indemnify, hold harmless and at the SPONSOR's request, defend the SPONSOR again all proceedings, suits, actions, claims, demands, damages, costs, losses and/or expenses [including court costs and fees of solicitors (on a full indemnity basis) and other professionals] whatsoever which may be taken or made again the SPONSOR or incurred or become payable by the SPONSOR in respect of any injury (whether fatal or otherwise) to any person or in respect of damage or loss to any property however occasioned, whether directly or indirectly by any act, omission, neglect or other default of the Trainee while on or otherwise in relation to or arising out of the Course.

6) in the event of fortuitous illness or physical or mental incapacity which, in the absolute opinion of the SPONSOR, renders the Trainee unable or unsuitable to complete the Course or if the Trainee shall, with the consent of the SPONSOR discontinue the Course or in the absolute opinion of the SPONSOR, the Trainee for good reason fails or is unable to complete the Course, the SPONSOR reserves the right, by giving 1 month's notice in writing to the Trainee, to withdraw or terminate the Sponsorship and crease paying the Training Allowance, and/or benefits set out in the Second Schedule hereto, whereupon the Trainee and/or the Sureties shall jointly and severally be liable to refund the SPONSOR the full amount of monies expended on the Trainee in respect of the Course up to the date of termination of Sponsorship;

7) Interest at the annual rate of 10% per annum will be due and payable to the party in receipt of an arbitration award from such date as the arbitration tribunal may decide until the date of payment to such party.
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