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First time heading to taipei and maybe jiufen

Hi guys, need some advice.

First time heading with wife and kid to taiwan in mid October for 7 days.

Return tickets to taoyuan international airport.

Haven't decide where to stay as totally not familiar. Maybe plan to stay near taiwan main station. Is that a good location to all the tourist night markets etc?

Another question is I also want to head over to jiufen probably just to see the scenery and the environment and check out their markets therr.

Since I am going on a 8d7n trip, should I straight start my holiday from airport and stay in jiufen and then rest of the days in taipei, or do a mid week trip to jiufen, stay a night there and back? Not sure how the transport system to go to jiufen from airport etc.

Still totally clueless where to go around lol.. Sorry for the newbie questions. Will do more research.
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