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Not ready to share but as you read on, you may guess something.

1) PCP students may left school many years & have family commitment compare to full time students.

2) If Lecturers, Assessors and course materials from NYP are not consistent.

3) While full time student are taking around 5 core modules per semester, PCP student are taking 9 core modules per semester.

4) Full time student trained in Nursing Lab 1A & attend Clinical Placement 1A in semester 1 & they will take Nursing Lab 1B & attend Clinical Placement 1B in semester 2. PCP student trained in only Nursing Lab 1A but attended Clinical Placement 1A & partial 1B in semester 1. In short, PCP student are assess in Clinical Placement when they are not trained but during pre-Clinical Placement briefing, student are told not to perform skills if you are not trained.

5) It is up to Assessor to ask any questions (could be from other modules like Human Bioscience) for Nursing Lab test that is not taught in Nursing Lab by Lecturers and not shown in course materials.

6) Full time student have around 40 students in a class while my PCP class have only 25 students. During Nursing Lab Test, Assessor tend to give more chance to full time students by clearing them faster such asking easiler or less questions & move on if student unable to answer.

7) If Lecturers want to play you out, they will not be consistent with course materials by omitting or adding non-relevant information, procedure not in sequence & etc to your practicing/sub-group in Nursing Lab Test.

8) A Nursing Lab Test maybe 1 hour test with 2 skills (about 30 minutes per skill). Assessor can play you out by starting the test time but stop you from doing the skills until you answer all Assessor's questions in order to be 'safe' that can last up to 30 minutes or more which mean you will know that you will fail the test at that time.

9) When NYP Lecturers feel that you cannot perform, some of them will start to tort you by verbal and emotional abuse to affect your mental health. They will keep harassing you by stressing the increasing huge amount of liquidated damages when you stay longer in a course and keep asking you when you intend to quit.
Hi Kyoji,
I am planning to apply for next year April intake and have to think again based on your sharing. I understand PCP- RN is accelerated course and there will be three semester per year instead two. Then the work load per semester should be the same per semester. I do not find reasonable where PCP take 9 units while traditional take 5 unitsper semester. It' overload for PCP-RN. Not worth to be dropped out later and better not to apply in the first place. Seems the workload is extremely high.
Any suggestion?
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