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You got the information wrong. For PCP, 1 year have 2 semesters (This mean you only have 4 semesters for this 2 years course). That is the reason why PCP-RN students will be overloaded.

This link is from NYP website but do not have a good breakdown between 2 semesters in each year. So you just needs to take the total modules in each year divide by 2 to have a estimated guild on how many modules you will take on each semesters. Source:

I would like to add on a lot of modules you see is actually 2 in 1 module. For example, Psychosocial Perspectives is consist of psychology module and sociology module.

To add on, apart from our assignments, tests & exams, we still needs to stay back to school to watch VOD (A nursing videos that can only watch in school) & present it to the class. However the videos are not professional at all (In my own judgement, it more like a cut & paste). It can be out dated, different country procedure practise or not even a safe procedure practise at all!

Hi Kyoji,
I am planning to apply for next year April intake and have to think again based on your sharing. I understand PCP- RN is accelerated course and there will be three semester per year instead two. Then the work load per semester should be the same per semester. I do not find reasonable where PCP take 9 units while traditional take 5 unitsper semester. It' overload for PCP-RN. Not worth to be dropped out later and better not to apply in the first place. Seems the workload is extremely high.
Any suggestion?
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