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Perhaps it's my mistake to expect that dealers will have the proper information here. He did mention in his posts in this discussion thread that he's a dealer. Guess I shouldn't have taken his words wholesale, like what I've been doing all this time with a couple of OneXOX dealers in another forum. My bad.

If you've not done it, may I suggest that you list this kind of information in your sale thread in the Travel Bazaar. It will be very useful to those looking to get a new SIM pack - will all information listed in point form.

No, after nearly 2 years of using OneXOX, those other ways are known to us older users already. Was just saying that the first method is something newer (recent months?), and that it's a method and not a "data plan" as you'd mentioned earlier.

EXACTLY! One more point that dealers can add in (and I've yet to see any done that) in their Travel Bazaar threads!

Validity gets extended with each top-up, something that doesn't happen with the other prepaid cards. My own has gone to nearly 3 years already.
Yeah very good points. I'd hate to put too much info in my ad. Makes your ad too crowded. But i'll include those points since every points are important
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