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i never gotten any from ntuc leh. only kopitiam and toast box. wtf u mean buy groceries from supermarket can get?

all the aunties really jialat.
When i register that, all Sheng Shiong vouchers fully redeemed. Sb sure its their staffs redeemed all. Then i bo bian redeem Hot Tomato voucher.
2 weeks later they implement NTUC Vouchers NNB REALLY.

And also you pay close attention, 90% of the supermarket cashiers aunties KEEP THE QR CODE RECEIPT NV GIVE U. They di gong di siao when you ask, where's my QR Code receipt? I met a lot liao, they ownself keep and scan damn cb.

Then a lot aunties uncles will camp outside Supermarkets ask you for the QR Code also.

If you thick skin enough, NTUC self service machines a lot of QR codes receipts ppl throw on the machines / the bin, u can collect many daily.
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