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When i register that, all Sheng Shiong vouchers fully redeemed. Sb sure its their staffs redeemed all. Then i bo bian redeem Hot Tomato voucher.
2 weeks later they implement NTUC Vouchers NNB REALLY.

And also you pay close attention, 90% of the supermarket cashiers aunties KEEP THE QR CODE RECEIPT NV GIVE U. They di gong di siao when you ask, where's my QR Code receipt? I met a lot liao, they ownself keep and scan damn cb.

Then a lot aunties uncles will camp outside Supermarkets ask you for the QR Code also.

If you thick skin enough, NTUC self service machines a lot of QR codes receipts ppl throw on the machines / the bin, u can collect many daily.
I also saw people asking those stall owner for the QR code receipt at kopitiam outlet stall to scan. Many people buy food but never take the receipt, den the stall owner keep it inside one plastic container. So they go ask and take.
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