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Cause my friend during season 2 have been given the free watch but spoilt already, can he go down roadshow request to exchange for a new set?
Does the HPB steps tracker have any warranty validity?

All HPB issued steps trackers will have a warranty period of 12 months from collection date.

As stated within the product guide, kindly note that the product is only guaranteed against manufacturer’s
defects and covers defects in materials and workmanship. The warranty does not cover wear and tear,
excessive abuse or misuse and damage arising from failure to follow instructions relating to product use.
This means decreased battery life due to constant over charging, scratches, broken straps, screen
cracks, water seepage and breakage shall not be covered. Accessories such as charging cable (if any),
detachable straps and strap pins are also not covered within the warranty.

What do I do if my HPB steps tracker becomes faulty?

As long as the steps tracker is still within the 12-months warranty period, participants may do a one-forone
exchange of their faulty steps trackers at the authorised service providers’ outlets.

Alternatively, you can visit National Steps Challenge™ Customer Care Centre located at HPB.

Participants are required to bring the faulty steps tracker to facilitate the exchange. You are also
encouraged to bring the full steps tracker packaging in case required.

Non-smartphone participants are strongly encouraged to visit the National Steps Challenge™ Customer
Care Centre at HPB to exchange your faulty steps tracker as you will require our customer care officers’
assistance to pair your new steps tracker to your profile.

Operating Hours for technical support (incl. faulty steps tracker exchange):
Mon to Fri, 11am – 8pm
Sat, 9am – 1pm
(closed on Sundays, eve of Public Holidays and Public Holidays)
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