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U so far pledge liao ah? I left it pending cos might have new prizes. Hoping so ....
ya.. i dun think got new prizes.. the other prizes so lousy.. only using groceries vouchers more often..

was contemplating 90 days of 12k steps or 120 days of 10k... after few days of testing.. 10k is more achieveable..

currently is using healthkit but detected device is my iPhone.. the mi fit app wasn't providing to vitality and hpb app..

Ya, u cannot choose, collect what is given to u.

Accuracy not as good as Mi Band. Somemore Mi Band is waterproof, this is not.

To be honest, ppl use this freebie as watch and to redeem vouchers that's it.
u can take the tracker only and put in ur pocket to get the steps.. the season 1 tracker low batt life so i change to amazfit youth as watch and tracker..

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