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And also some cards from some banks offer some promotion and they need to show it on the POS receipt . The system need to do some calculation
for apple pay in singapore, i think until now the card terminal still cannot identify which card u r using, hence u cannot redeem rebates (daily$, smart$) during payment.
eg. when u tap POSB card at watsons, if using physical card, u can use the rebates to offset bill, and credit card receipt will print out card name and rebates info.
but if u tap via apple pay, it will just show as normal mastercard paypass card without any info.

i saw some demo video that some overseas apple pay works the same as physical card, the self checkout counter will show the credit card rebates info and ask user if want to use the rebates.
in singapore, most of the time u still need the physical card to enjoy the promotion (except apple pay promo).
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