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My 2007 civic IMA battery died. Always at 1 bar with IMA light on and have other issues like o2 sensor failure. Went to Fadec auto for a repair. Given warranty for 1 year after battery repair. Currently, the battery is still doing good after 7 months. Previous fc is 8km/l, now its 14/l and im very sastified with the results and will reccomend others to go there. They also repair other models of hybrid batteries from toyota,honda and lexus.

They have 3 packages

Battery reconditioning for 350.i choose this one as its the cheapest and most economical for my car, which left about 1 year to scrap

Cell replacement for 600. They will detect cells with problems and replace new ones. Cheaper that replacing whole pack.

Full pack replacement. Was quoted 1900 for a new pack.

Address is at:

Fadec auto engineering
31 toh guan road east
Lw technocenter

Its an electric vehicle company.

Look for mechanic named koi. Very knowledgable and experienced, willing to explain the problem to me patiently. Best customer service i have seen in a long time
This is really super cheap. $1900 for full pack is really super good deal.
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