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No offense but I don't think most of your complaints are valid except for the overloading of semesters and the extra amount of damages you have to pay if you fail the course.

-It is a course with a bond. If you fail the course, of course you have to pay the damages.. just like a scholarship bond. If not where got so good? What's more, there is training allowance even during your studies.

-Starting pay low even after completing the course. That's to be expected, since to them they "paid" for your 2 years of course + training allowance.

-Lecturers and assessors CMI - that happens everywhere. just ask any local uni undergrad, most of the professors also are just textbook based and have no industry experience. After all, most of these lecturers and assessors probably have not been nurses or doctors before, how would they know ? You only learn more when you start working as a proper nurse, just like any other industry.. that's why related working experience is valued over a higher education paper (like a masters' or PHD) sometimes.

-Overloading of semesters: yes it suck but its probably a compromise. I don't think a lot of employers would be willing to wait for a person to complete a 3 year course and then offer them.. they might as well go and look for fresh diploma grads every year to join them without having to wait 3 years. And its probably because of the training allowance that they have to cut short the duration.
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