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Yes, PCP students are better now in term of receiving training allowances of $1,700 to $2,050 per month based on their prior work experience. However the higher the allowance, the higher the LD. Any point of time, they increase the allowance, PCP student have to take up & cause the LD to be higher.

More details on the computation of training allowance are as follows:

Years of Prior Work Experience: Enhanced Monthly Training Allowance
Below 2: $1,700
2-3: $1,770
4-5: $1,840
6-7: $1,910
8-9: $1,980
10 and above: $2,050


For NS, really s.u.c.k thumbs.

I read your story and its good that u share the downsides of the pcp course. Last time the training allowance were even worst. Like $900-1000+.

Guess somewhere u also mentioned about your reservist thingy. Yeh overall NS and reservist is not really fair to sg guys. U r supposed to protect the country but front door already open to so many foreigners. And so many abnn, prc , pinoys are citizens nowadays ...
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