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I suppose there will be quite alot of desperate people who would sign up to any pcp which gives an allowance and a guaranteed job at the end of the studies.

Not all PCP have available information such as allowance. People chose PCP because of interest to work in that occupation & not because the allowance is high. We do not have the option to reject the allowance too. Majorly of my batch including me do not hope to get allowance if possible.

But everyone must remember that nursing is a job which requires passion in order to last. Without that passion, studying and even working as a nurse will be a few years of hell. I suppose the large LD is to persuade people to think carefully before signing up. Alternatively, the program should have a "free-look" period for participants to quit in the first 3 months at a low LD of they find they are not cut out for nursing.

I agree with you that they should have a "free-look" period for participants to quit in the first 3 months at a low LD.

However they create an unfriendly environment for PCP applicant.

Before you get to see the Contract, you are force to sign Letter of Undertaking for $1K of Liquidated Damages (LD) if you decided not to take up PCP sponsorship after NYP offer you a seat.

Who would like to pay $1K for nothing & since applicant are interest in PCP, of course they will proceed to sign the contract because they don't expect to fail since they never thought that training provider and the assessment is this kind of standard.
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