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Based on the picture youíve posted, it seems that your another 3.5 kg need to be separated because itís long in shape. Possible that itís hard to consolidate with the rest. I got the same experience too but not with pricess but dexi. I got one box around 6 kgs with misc items and another one box long in shape around 90 cm. I canít imagine if consolidate together, my long 90 cm item will be broken along the way or not. Of course dexi not even inform from the start. However both items reached me in Singapore also few days apart. I only know this when I login into the website by dexi agent
you mean my 3.5kg one was long in shape? it wasn't. my lightings were placed in a rice cooker box, and you know rice cooker isn't long in shape.

yeah your incident is pretty similar to mine, so when your first parcel arrive did you sign for it? i rejected because i didn't know they were split, i thought how come i paid shipping for 20kg, and yet i only received 3.5kg. wheres my other stuff? i presumed they were lost. it was only when i feedbacked to princess they asked their warehouse to look for my other items, gave me a new tracking number and from there it took another 3 days for my other items to arrive in SG.

damn stressful, and v troublesome also.
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