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From the looks of your current itinerary, you won't be able to cover the cost of Hokuriku Arch Pass. You can't use it to cover Tokyo > Nagoya. The only trains you're taking would be Kyoto > Kanazawa and Kanazawa > Tokyo. Even if you used it at the start of the trip, you'll still end up with only two long train trips.

Unless you rearrange your dates for the use of the pass - 2D in Osaka, 2D in Kyoto, 2D in Kanazawa and the last day (Day 7) Kanazawa to Tokyo. You'll have 3 long trips.
Thanks for the reply ! sorry for the late reply, completely forgot about my post lol. If that's the case do you think it's more worth it for me to get the 14days JR Pass starting from 2nd day(18Dec) since i'll be reaching at 9pm+ on the first day.
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