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+ki and + stats. use ssj3 gotenks(+3ki, +70% stats) aka teq godtenks lead and build a teq team with ur bardock. i try to leave my global on godtenks ba. kale is decent substitute for lssj broly for phy lead and she got pfb link, so ki shld not be that hard

OG lead=+3ki, +3000atk to int/phy/agi/str/teq
god lead=+3ki, +70% to hp, atk, def to int/phy/agi/str/teq
neo god lead =+3ki, +120% to hp atk def super/extreme int/phy/agi/str/teq

basically neo god is the current meta now cause 2 neo god lead = 240% stats compared to 140% is almost double dmg.
ok noted. thanks for the tips.
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