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Just an update: The remote control unit sucks. It has a slow internal short and my new batteries are all fully discharged after about 5 weeks. Without the remote control, the set is useless because it will only show the last channel selected. There is totally no other buttons on its panel.

Although I have encountered such similar leakage problems before on other remote control units like my old retired TV and fans, but they only happened after several years of usage, which I think is fair. Also, these remote controls have standalone transistors and/or capacitors which are usually the cause of the current leakage and can be easily purchased and replaced. However, this set top box's remote control is a 1-piece PCB with only an embedded enamel encapsulated IC chip on it. There's no transistor nor capacitor to replace.

So, I'm left with 2 choices: remove at least 1 battery after every use or make a switch to connect the batteries only when required. I then installed a mini tact switch at its side and will need to press it with my last finger during each use. A bit inconvenient but at least it can still work. Considering that this is a brand new product when purchased, I can only say that the quality of China products are indeed "hit & run".
I bought similar remote control from eBay to replace the K2 standard issue. Works perfectly out of the box. Much more responsive than the original one. Can consider this one for your replacement.
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