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I got myself a hotlink sim, was juz walking and seeing the numbers, my gf found one she liked so we got it.

Not bad lah, since we were in Malaysia for 3 days, the data really helped. RM15 means only like $3 for 3 days of Internet.

After that I also when Malaysia for one night, when I reach I downloaded the hotlink app... And registered, and they give me free 1gb for 48hours. Shoik sia!

As for topup.... I so far have gotten one rm5 top up code, just buy from anywhere. 7-11, pharmacies, news vendors. U can keep it for use when u need to.

So even when my card expire.... As long as I am within the grace period. I can just throw the value in and use the card. Even if I forget and the card expires.... I only spent like $5 and have already used data there for 5 days. So really money well spent... Only regret that with data... GF will spend time on what's app. Lol
Bro after u top up 5rm with the top up code.. Ur sim card validity extend how long ah?
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