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You could check to see if the credit card you used to book your flights offers any travel insurance coverage with different rules, but that's a longshot.

Yes, it's an expensive lesson, but it's important to learn the correct lesson: don't ever carry significant amounts of cash and other valuables if you can avoid it, and you can avoid it (cash) practically everywhere. Bring a couple of low cost payment cards instead.
Unfortunately, I wasn't able to avoid it. There were situations out of my control that required that much money to be carried

Still worth a shot but don't get your hopes up. They might also see your track record see if you hv claimed before or not etc.
This is the first time i've bought insurance from this company. I have tried calling their hotline but they basically repeated the claims clause to me. The person I spoke to wasn't helpful in this case. I do understand that it isn't in their interest to help...
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