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Which company u buy from? Actually policywording will state very clearly, just that u dont bother to read it
To which i do admit my mistake. And as I said, expansive lesson learnt.

Your story don't really add up.

You said you lost some money. Now you were saying that it can't be avoided to carry much money.

If you have lost a lot of money such that it is worth much much more than your flight, there is definitely an urgent need to avoid flight and make a police report immediately.

If it's worth like $200, just suck it up and move on.
I'm not sure how you read my story such that it didn't add up. I was admitting to the previous reply that while I know I shouldn't carry around so much money, there were circumstances that prevented me from carrying around less. No, I didn't lose more than what my flight was worth. I've sucked it up already but i'm just asking around to see if there is any way I could make a claim, if possible.
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