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Hi, I am back.. sorry for being inactive in the forum.. It is not that I scam people so i went inactive.. I am being in active because there is a lot of work and order to do so i didnt make a bump here (as order already much that time so why would i make bump here).. I always opens and read the comment in the forums once every few days/week. As i see there is nothing i should reply from July, thats why I am being silent.

For ChaOrEn , I AM BEING FULLY RESPONSIBLE FOR HIS TICKET eventhough i didnt respond to his here. When his jetstar ticket is not able to get, I am offering him and his friend with SCOOT with more discount and even free lugage.

Its not that I ask for upfront payment now, but it is only for him.. because i also get problem in asking for payment from him.. For anyone else, you can still pay me after you fly, thats fine (because i know what you guys fear), dont worry I am fully responsible, i can show you all the prove of the tickets i reimburse to my customer for the new ticket.

Eventhough ChaOrEn's friend (who now buying from me for his Jakarta trip few weeks ago, his dad ticket to penang) suggest me to ask ChaOrEn for upfront payment. So I am sorry, It is just I dont want to make anymore problem in asking for payment from you..

Please dont make a long-bad-post for me , when I rejected your jetstar order last week.
(if he does not recommend me, then why would he want to buy another ticket from me, i can show you his whatsapp to me
asking me for another discount another discount and somemore discount and pay later... I can tell you I also work need profit too.. last time I can give you more discount because that time I made mistake so I gave you compensation)

Thanks, hope you understand...
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