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Seller is honest but with extremely unreliable agents and is very often uncontactable. I have dealt with him several times and enjoy real savings. However, recent experience is that a confirmed flight couldn't be found even though i checked that it was confirmed previously. Seller than went MIA, saying he cannot contact agent. I find this unacceptable. I always pay after my trip even if i miss the flight. I will not pay before any trip because nothing is certain until you have taken the flight and reached your destination. Be prepared to book last minute for failed booking or when the seller goes MIA.
Hi I believe, you are Mr. Lim?
I am sorry for being slow response.
I might be MIA or didnt reply, as I was settling the issue..
Please do not worry as I keep an eye for each booking and doing double check 2-3 days before departure date.

When later your this week taipei flight done, please write me a review again ok!

have a nice day
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