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Hi, replying to your PM as its too lengthy to send PM. System not allow more than 2000 words.

Highly not recommended. Avoid weqs99 UNLESS there is no other way out and for last minute bookings because he requires upfront payments now.

I reckon anytime he can just run without a trace. I had 2 extremely terrible experience with him for 2 bookings in July-August and August-September.

I placed order with him in July for Jetstar 9 August flight for 3 persons. He told that it will take around 5 days but we chased repeatedly and we waited over a month but still never book our flight. End up I book my August flight on my own as I lost patient waiting, just a few days away from 9 August.

Then on 22 August, I decide to give weqs99 another chance since I did not have to pay anything upfront. This time he managed to book the return flight 6 Sept - 20 Nov but it took 12 days of wait for flight (until 3 Sept) to be confirmed when he originally told that it will take about 2 days. I managed to fly to Hong Kong successfully. However, the flight back to Singapore got cancelled by airline. Scoot don't tell me the reason and asked me to ask the person who booked for me. weqs99 is unable to tell the reason.

At that time, I saw Scoot was running a promotion, and I wanted to book on my own which cost the same price that I was supposed to pay weqs99 for the return flight. However, weqs99 asked me to give him a chance to rebook. I gave in to weqs99's request so that he will not have to suffer a loss to reimburse for my flight back to singapore.

He tried to rebook 2-3 times for me again but each time, the flight gets cancelled by scoot every time.

In the end, weqs99 asked me to buy own flight directly at airport and that he will reimburse me in full. I almost listened to buy my own flight at airport which would cost SG $320+ but before paying to airport, I asked weqs99 to confirm if he will surely pay me back in full.

This time, he changed his words and said he don't have enough money in his bank account and said that 2 of my friends owned him money for previous flights and asked me to deduct the owned money from others to pay for the shortfall of my flight.

This made me feel even more uncomfortable, I saw there is a next day flight which cost $140 only. So I decided to book it so if weqs99 doesn't reimburse, I do not lose too much.

Still, I had trouble at the airport next day, check in staff asked to see my physical credit card to ensure it belongs to me. It took them about 2 hours wait before they would allow me to fly back Singapore but as it was too late for board the flight I booked, they put me on the next flight.

I highly believe my name went to scoot's watch list as earlier flights booked by weqs99 were cancelled. My guest is that the USD cards used by weqs99's agent to book were fraudulent. So to avoid such scenario to being added to airline's watchlist, don't go for weqs99.

The whole experience for August and September 2017 bookings were unreliable, full of anxiety and extremely unprofessional way of how weqs99 handled the situation. Other people own him money, its not my responsibility to be his runner to chase and collect back.

Now, he demands people to pay him upfront before he proceed with booking. I tried to negotiate with him for my November flight to get him to book first with booking reference number before I pay half, upon complete then pay the balance. However, he rejects it. So all in all, even without payment upfront, already faced many issues. If I were to pay upfront in full before any bookings is made, I highly believe it is more likely I will end up losing money based on earlier experiences.

first thing first, if you believe and do not recommend me.. why would u want to book again?
i also dont know if the story you make is real of fake? or is it just to make thing screwed and you ask me for another discount for the next flight? well, i dont know.... for everyone flying is fine, ONLY YOU...

It is not that i dont have money to refund ok, I need several days to claim too (and in the first place you promise me to HELP ASK PAYMENT FROM YOUR FRIEND WHO has not paid me yet, but did you help me? not at all... Luckily your friend Lim Si Yuan is a good man..

Hey, dont just tell the jetstar july you buy yourself, HOW ABOUT YOUR FRIENDS TICKET TO HONGKONG WHICH I WAS BEING RESPONSIBLE??? $210 for return flight to Hongkong with luggage return which actually cost more than $400 ??

I dont understand (if he believe he is being watched by the airline and if my booking really made him troubled that time, why would he want to book again from me???? and ask for more discount again?????)

UPFRONT PAYMENT IS ONLY FOR YOU, EVERYONE WHO WANTS TO BOOK FROM ME, DOESNT HAVE TO... because i faced problem asking payment from you. Thank you
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