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first thing first, if you believe and do not recommend me.. why would u want to book again?
i also dont know if the story you make is real of fake? or is it just to make thing screwed and you ask me for another discount for the next flight? well, i dont know.... for everyone flying is fine, ONLY YOU...

It is not that i dont have money to refund ok, I need several days to claim too (and in the first place you promise me to HELP ASK PAYMENT FROM YOUR FRIEND WHO has not paid me yet, but did you help me? not at all... Luckily your friend Lim Si Yuan is a good man..

Hey, dont just tell the jetstar july you buy yourself, HOW ABOUT YOUR FRIENDS TICKET TO HONGKONG WHICH I WAS BEING RESPONSIBLE??? $210 for return flight to Hongkong with luggage return which actually cost more than $400 ??

I dont understand (if he believe he is being watched by the airline and if my booking really made him troubled that time, why would he want to book again from me???? and ask for more discount again?????)

UPFRONT PAYMENT IS ONLY FOR YOU, EVERYONE WHO WANTS TO BOOK FROM ME, DOESNT HAVE TO... because i faced problem asking payment from you. Thank you
Its after you now insisted on payment upfront from me that I strongly not recommend anyone to book with you. The person who still owned you remaining balance is friend, Jackson not me. Also, you told its ok for the 2 friends not pay you remaining balance anymore (refer to screenshot below). Its only then, I stopped help u to chase ok! don't lie that I did nothing to help chase for you. I own you NOTHING and only managed to fly ONCE from your booking for 6 Sept which was bad experience.

I had explained reasons why I can not trust to pay you upfront, but its you who can not understand why I am fearful to pay you first. Your reply makes me even more assured that none of your words can be trusted now.

To all forumers,

From his post above, now I even see that weq99 is a liar so it makes it even difficult to trust him. He lied on at least 2 areas.

1. He lied that I am the only person he asked for upfront payment. But its not true, refer to screenshot below.

2. He lied that I did nothing to help him chase after the payment. In fact, I helped him to chase several times in person, in private chat as well as group chat where weqs99 is in it. He is also not at all appreciative for my help, instead he is blaming me for introducing friends who do not pay him.

1 friend, James whom I introduced to weqs99, eventually paid in full to him and even came back to make next booking. Did I benefit from their transaction? No. Weqs99 wasnt thankful for me introducing 2 friends. He continues to blame me for other friend Jackson not pay in full, only $100. Refer to screenshots below.

I did helped weq99 to chase after 2 friends to pay him for their 9-13 August flight many times. Initially 1 friend, Jack did not even want to pay a single cent at all due to Jetstar booking screwed up by weq99. They did make partial payments to weq99 and post in our whatsapp group chat on around 22 August eventually before weq99 agreed to book my 6-20 September flight.

weq99 still asked me to help him chase after the 2 friends about the balance payment after I finally flew HK back to SG. However, after I told weq99 about me being stuck at HK airport for 2 hours to verify my credit card before letting me fly, he suddenly said that it is ok for the 2 friends not to pay him the balance, he will not ask for it anymore.

It is very strange in his change in attitude after knowing that I faced more issue even after using my own credit card to make the booking.

These screenshots below tells it all to support what I said.

I helped to chase for payment from 2 friends in group chat (weq99 is in it):

My friend, Jack paid weqs99 partially after being asked numerous times by me:

Weqs99 asked to deduct $323 (for my flight bought from airport back to Singapore) from the 2 friends' balance owned to him

Weqs99 is ok for friends not to pay remaining balance to him anymore

Another of weqs99's buyer told that weqs99 requires upfront payment from him/her:

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