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i also dont know if the story you make is real of fake? or is it just to make thing screwed and you ask me for another discount for the next flight? well, i dont know.... for everyone flying is fine, ONLY YOU...
Nah. You are just trying to protect yourself from losing customers after seeing my post.

All I shared is only true with supporting evidences and nothing of slander against you. It is to be fair to new customers to think twice before trying your service. Numerous people do have flight issues with you. It is not just me, you know yourself better so don't lie and pretend nobody else know. Lying too much will only keep customers away as it is important to be honest in doing business..

You are afraid that nobody will book with you again so now you are willing to book flights for people without upfront payment.

I did take screenshot of scoot's email reply dated 8 October 2017 in response to my ticket number 1709049415 dated 23 September 2017. I sent screenshot via WhatsApp to you on 8 October 2017, 9:22am regarding the 2 hours wait at HK airport counter as they demand to see my physical credit card before they will release flight ticket to return Singapore.

You saw that message about 16 minutes later which is on 8 October 2017, 9:38 AM. However, you did not say anything.

Its NOT only me who got flight cancelled but some other people too.

You shared with me via WhatsApp on 12 August that your other customer booked jetstar with you but got his flight cancelled realising only when he arrived at airport. You told me it is due to billing issue but it doesn't look to be the case since not only 1 or 2 people too had their flight cancelled by airline due to issue relating to your cards used for payment.

Another of your customer told me via WhatsApp on 8 October 2017 that his gf also got her flight cancelled by airline and it was booked through you (weqs99).

Since you have told at least 3 lies now based on your post above, it makes it even harder for me to believe any of your words. So how can you expect me to pay upfront for you are dishonest?

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