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1. I ask your friend to pay upfront because its the first transaction after the problem right? Please ask him now, how do he do booking from me now..
2. I believe you have made a group chat with several of my customer right? Please capture and send here what they said.
3. I am not afraid of loosing customer.. in the first place, i give you guys trust, to pay after you fly. If you trust me, please let me know. If you dont (like you for example), i dont force you to trust me. There are hundreds there seeling ticket. For others who bought from me, thank tou for trusting and give me chance to prove.

If you dont trust me its ok, give me bad comment.. please dont make things screwed up, (ask some of my customer to believe what you believe).. very immature..
Sorry if i made mistake.

Thank you and have a good day
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