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I have been using TS service since march this year and including my own bookings and some on behalf of my friends, it is close to 15 bookings for both flights and hotel.

Since the start TS has allowed me to pay after I fly and after check in, and so far i have not encountered any problems. I have also made bookings for the rest of my flight needs for year 2017.

Granted some bookings take very long to get a confirmation and I need to chase TS, but do not forget that the tickets are already priced at a premium discount, if you want to have your cake and eat it, and cannot stomach inconveniences (in this case the cost savings outweighs the inconveniences i am experienced, hence i still choose TS) then you are better off booking direct.

As of today, TS has been responsible and reasonably reliable, and I will continue to use him for all my budget airline and hotel needs.
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