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I have a pair of apollo for a year already and i must say itís worth my $499!

Battery life after one year is going at 3hrs on full blast!.

Sound wise definitely cannot compare against a wired buds in terms of volume. Full blast is just nice for me tho.

Sound quality is really subjected, vocal is very clear, musical instruments is very clear but the bass not as powerful compared to my wired bud.

Price is on the steep side but i really like the small little design the bud is.
I have used most of the truly wireless till now. Erato Apollo 7 sound is good. Sony WF1000x has connection issue on right ear at the start. But it is rock solid after a few battery charges. WF1000x sound quality is better than Apollo 7. It also has noise cancelling n ambient sound. Current price of wF1000x $279 on Qoo10 and Apollo 7 $329 at Harvey Norman factory outlet at Viva business park. Just my 2 cents.
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