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got complaint about sony wf-1000x, wonder if should take the risk ?

I refunded my WF-1000X after 5 days of use, because of 2 big glaring issues:
-1 to 2 sound delay on everything done on phone.
-Intermittent sound cut for few seconds to a minute. Movement seems to affect the stability of the connection. But sometimes I standing still in MRT also get sound cut.

Did anyone in Sony test this product before releasing it? Like holy ****.

Anyway, I went to Stereo in Plaza Sing to test WI-1000X, if it exhibit the same issues.
Excellent sound quality. No sound delay. Tried swinging my phone, no sound cut off. Then I bought it. Used in train, connection very stable, no sound cut off at all. Max volume also seems to be a little higher. Very happy with this WI-1000X
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