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i was in jb last sunday. didnt really wanted to get a card as just going there for a 1/2 day..

but got curious at city square... and walked into a digi shop.. i asked... how much for the pre paid card.. got quoted RM39 for some 'digi live'?? that is the only thing i saw on their wall..

i walked to the other shop.. but no one seem to want to entertain me...

RM39 seems quite a bit to me... from what i see in this thread.. its maybe like RM10-15??? so how can a Singaporean buy a prepiad card for the right price? ?? hahah

maybe people will say i am cheapskate.. but the fact remain.. its suppose to be cheaper?
Normally most telco shop in malls wants to chop Sporean carrot by upselling the Sim Card with Data Plan.

Can consider buying your Sim Card in those kiosk/booths or maybe further away from CIQ where they would usually retail the Sim Card itself at RM8-10.
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