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Can anyone please give me advise.. this ah long transferred $300 anyhow to my bank account number the other time. But now he ask me to make payment. I did made the first two payment but the thing is I wanted to make last payment supposed to be yesterday. Normally they will just watssap me giving me account number ... but yesterday they nvr n yet they call me using private number . I picked up n they give me the account number. But the thing is they nvr reply. At last they replied after 7 pm n told me that I defaulted the payment.n asked me to make payment once again. Should I make the payment. If I did not make payment... will they come n look for me n my friends?... hope someone can reply

Dun worried bro.. for juz 300 they will not disturb u de la.. plus u got make payment already...they ask ppl come ur house 1 trip 200.. like that got worth it meh.. dun worried bro
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