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just go up to the shop and say u want the 8rm digi card
heh... i did ask if there is another kind.. but they say dun have.. haha

Kena chopped carrot...
end up i never buy as i only going like 2-3 hours..

Normally most telco shop in malls wants to chop Sporean carrot by upselling the Sim Card with Data Plan.
Can consider buying your Sim Card in those kiosk/booths or maybe further away from CIQ where they would usually retail the Sim Card itself at RM8-10.
i actually do not mind if the card they sell has already top up some extra data. but at least i know what i can getting..

so if the 8rm sim card.. has no data at all? or just maybe 500MB? then usually rm 10 dollar get you how much data?

like i said... this thread is super long!!! haha.. cant read everything...
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