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RM10 - get hotlink. activation 3 days fo 300mb free.
card valid for 5days. if manage to overlap into saturday and sunday,
you get to enjoy 1gb data on saturday and 1gb data on sunday.
if you extended stay in jb, sunday night download the hotlink red app.
upon activation of the app to your mobile number,
another 2-3days free data[i think 1gb?]

you need to scroll back the pages to see the details we posted....
bo bian.... diffcult to spoon feed sometimes....

heh... i did ask if there is another kind.. but they say dun have.. haha

end up i never buy as i only going like 2-3 hours..

i actually do not mind if the card they sell has already top up some extra data. but at least i know what i can getting..

so if the 8rm sim card.. has no data at all? or just maybe 500MB? then usually rm 10 dollar get you how much data?

like i said... this thread is super long!!! haha.. cant read everything...
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