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heh... i did ask if there is another kind.. but they say dun have.. haha

end up i never buy as i only going like 2-3 hours..

i actually do not mind if the card they sell has already top up some extra data. but at least i know what i can getting..

so if the 8rm sim card.. has no data at all? or just maybe 500MB? then usually rm 10 dollar get you how much data?

like i said... this thread is super long!!! haha.. cant read everything...
Those people upselling the SIM Cards with Bundles are just trying to earn more commission. They usually subscribe you to those Weekly/Monthly Data bundles that you won't even need for a short trip one to two days to JB.

Usually, the RM8 starter pack should suffice since it comes preloaded with about 300MB data depending on Telco. Some telcos even offer free data (1GB from Hotlink) when you first download their App.
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