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Hi All,

Looking to do a trip in mid-late dec, rough itinerary, does this look feasible?

Day 1: Christchurch
Day 2: Arthur's Pass to Hotitika
Day 3: Fox Glacier / Franz Joseph
Day 4: Haast Pass > Wanaka
Day 5: Wanaka
Day 6: Mount Cook
Day 7: Dunedin (Otago Penisular)
Day 8: Stay somewhere in middle from Dunedin> Te Anau
Day 9: Te Anau
Day 10:Te Anau (MilfordSound)
Day 11: Queenstown
Day 12: Queenstown

Not sure if I should remove Dunedin and Southern Scenic Route for more time in Mount Cook, Queenstown area. Will be driving all the way.
gg for sky dive that kind of activity? if so then cater 2 days at FJ..
depend on what u want to do in QT?
im spending one day at mt cook one at tekapo.
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