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Gum xia. Didn't know that one no need to pay. It's the same right ? Just that no guide no telescope that kind of scope.
If the sky is clear, you can see stars from most places in Lake Tekapo though a lot of people like to gather around Church of Good Shepherd to take the starry starry night against the church as a backdrop. Canít post link but google Church of Good Shepherd and you can get an idea of what you can see in starry sky. The tour with Earth and Sky where a mini bus will take you to Mount John with the observatory to view the stars with the powerful telescopes including commentary. Itís a fabulous tour but weather dependent. If weather condition is not good for viewing, you can choose to re-schedule (subject to availability) or cancel (some cancellation fee involved). The mini bus goes up the mountain and headlights are switched off when near to Mt John might scare fainted hearted but overall itís an enjoyable experience. Due to weather, we re-scheduled our tour to last available for the day which finished around 2 am. In case you end up with such timing, best is to stay around the main village area so that you can walk back or short drive back to your accommodation. Church of Good Shepherd is just few min walk from Sky and Earth and the main village area. Earth and Sky is the only one in Lake Tekapo doing the tour. There is similar tour in Mount Cook.

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